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Food and cooking has always been the main focus of our family. I remember when I was growing up, my mother and my grandmother used to go to the wet market (palengke) everyday to purchase fresh meat and produce for our daily meals. "Only fresh food for my family", is what my grandmother told my mother. My grandmother raised eighteen children and faithfully went to the wet market everyday to buy fresh meat and produce to cook for her family My mother was a homemaker. Cooking for such a big family was a task in itself. Having eleven children of her own, my mother not only had to decide what she had to feed us, but how much she had to cook. We had to take turns eating since our dining table can only accomodate six people, yet we always had enough food for everyone. My mother never went to any culinary school but her homestyle cooking is what she passed on to her children. She taught us what we needed to know from boiling water to blanching vegetables. She always told us that my grandmother said "only fresh food for my family" and she followed that philosophy all through her life. She passed on this philosophy and her traditional home style cooking from her children to her children's children. We love cooking because it is in our blood. My mother is gone now but I know that she will be proud that we are keeping her tradition alive. I hope I can share this tradition of homestyle cooking from my mother to you!
Nanay's (Meaning Mother)


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Astellar Pharmaceutical
Gap Company
Vulcan Material
Coalition For Affordable Housing
Fresno State Workers Union
USAF - Physician Recruiter
UCSF - Various Department
Sanofi -Aventis
Sprint Various Offices
American Medical Orphan Relief
Fresno City College- Nursing Program 
California Retired Teachers Association